Giving your gift of Good –

Creating a Legacy 


Let your gift of giving keep on living after you are gone by establishing a Legacy with Tanzania Lächelt. Your Legacy with „Tansania lächelt“ is a special kind of gift that occurs only after your death, upon the opening and execution of your will.

Would you like to include „Tansania lächelt“ in your will knowing the legacy of your life will have a powerful and needful impact on others for years to come? It makes a real difference. You make a real difference.

There are two options for drawing up a valid will - the handwritten will and the publically documented will. Of the two, the simplest will to create and keep safe is the handwritten will.


Drawing up a legal, valid handwritten will is easy. It includes the following:

  1. It must be handwritten. The will must be signed from beginning to end.
  2. It must include the place (location) and date, which must be entered by hand.
  3. It must be given a title, for example: „Last Will“ or „Testament“…
  4. You can change or supplement your will (in part or as a whole) at any time.
  5. If you replace a will that has already been drawn up, you must expressly revoke the former will. This will avoid any possible misunderstandings.
  6. It is advisable to name an executor of the will, for example: a lawyer, notary, trustee, bank, etc.
  7. If the will is several pages long, number the pages and sign each page.
  8. Have a lawyer or someone knowledgeable in wills review it. Keep it in a safe place.

We deeply value your Legacy, as it lives on providing health, hope and opportunity for those without.