Special projects



For the last 2 years we have been thinking about what what will happen to the children of the orphanages after school. Although they have their basic education. But can they use this knowledge to make a living for themselves? to make a living for themselves? Probably not at the age of 18 or 19. In Tanzania, youth youth unemployment is 55%. Most of the children we support are orphans and have no family to fall back on. They have only orphanage as their anchor in life.

Now we would like to buy a building that was previously a school. We would like to use this building as an industrial school. We imagine that we can offer all our school school leavers an apprenticeship, e.g. bicycle mechanic, seamstress, IT specialist, etc. Now we are faced with the difficult task for the purchase of this industrial school building CHF 200'000.00 for the purchase of this industrial school building, or as we call it "Tabasamu Campus". By the way, Tabasamu means "smile".

If you would also like to help, Urs Flury u.flury@tansania-laechelt.ch will be happy to provide more details.


Albinos still have a difficult life in Tanzania. Not only can they not tolerate any sun at all on their skin or in their eyes without having to fear many years of damage. No, because their organs supposedly have magical powers, people with a congenital pigment disorder are persecuted and sometimes mutilated and killed in Tanzania time and again. The misconception that their body parts have healing powers and help them to live a long life, be happy and make a lot of money simply cannot be completely eliminated. So we have taken in 12 children with albinism in one of our assisted homes.

Together with an adult albino woman, we have taken up this issue and will clarify in the launched project "Albinos" how these people could be helped from a health and also from a safety point of view. Walter Kälin will lead this project.

If anyone is interested in working on this project, we would be delighted. Please contact Urs Flury at u.flury@tansania-laechelt.ch. He will be happy to tell you more about this project.



Circumcision of girls is prohibited by law in Tanzania. In certain areas, 1% of girls are circumcised. In the area where Tanzania Smiles is active, we unfortunately have a rate of over 40%. Almost half of the girls are illegally circumcised without their consent, without anaesthesia and without minimal hygienic precautions. Many of them bleed to death or suffer pain in the genital area for the rest of their lives. A Maasai woman asked for help and support during our last trip. And the "Maasai Chief" in charge also urgently asked us to help in this matter. So we started the project "Circumcisions". Our goal: We want a "circumcision-free" zone in our homes. We believe that we are not interfering with foreign cultures here, as this ritual is forbidden by law. Moreover, we were asked to help and we did not take up this issue ourselves.

If anyone would like to get involved in this project, please contact Urs Flury at u.flury@tansania-laechelt.ch. He will be happy to inform you.